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Konzerte und Repertoire

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Unsere nächsten Konzerte

  • 25.06.2022
    • Sommerkonzert, Interkulturelles Zentrum
      Es gelten die 3-G-Regeln

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Unser Repertoire

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  • Ain’t no rock
  • All night, all day
  • Amazing grace
  • Amen
  • As we worship
  • Banuwa yo
  • Bless the Lord my soul
  • Chicago – Your the inspiration
  • Christus, dein Licht
  • Come on, wave your hands
  • Down by the riverside
  • Du bist einmalig
  • Du siehst mich
  • Er hält die ganze Welt
  • Ev’ry time I feel the spirit
  • Freedom is coming
  • Friede auf Erden
  • Give me love
  • Glory, glory, hallelujah
  • Go down, Moses
  • Go tell it on the mountain
  • Good News
  • Good News –
  • Hochzeitsvariante
  • Halt uns zusammen
  • Hail holy Queen
  • Hallelujah – Hallelujah
  • Hallelujah – in the heaven
  • Hallelujah – Revelationsong
  • Hark the herold angels sing
  • Heaven is a wonderful place
  • Herr, wohin sonst sollten wir gehen
  • He’s got the whole world

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  • Holy, holy, holy
  • Holy is the Lord
  • Holy, worthy, migthy
  • If we ever
  • I’ll fly away
  • I’m so glad
  • I’m gonna sing
  • It‘s a good life
  • It’s me, oh Lord
  • I’ve got a reason
  • I’ve got peace like a river
  • I will follow him
  • I will sing Halleluja
  • I woke up this morning
  • Jambo
  • Jesus is the hope
  • Jesus is my salvation
  • Jesus ist der Herr, der Herrn
  • Joshua fit the battle
  • Joy on earth
  • Joy to the world
  • Just a touch of love
  • King of Kings
  • Kumbajah
  • Lay your burdens down
  • Lead me on
  • Let us break bread together
  • Lord, I want to be a christian
  • Mary, oh Mary
  • Mashiti
  • Michael, row the boat
  • My Lord, what a morning
  • Nobody knows

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  • Oh freedom
  • Oh happy day
  • Oh Jesus
  • Oh, sinner man
  • Oh when the Saints
  • O Lord hear my pray‘r
  • Once in each life
  • Our heart
  • Praise the Lord
  • Put your hands
  • Rise and shine
  • Rock my soul
  • Sanna sannanina
  • Shine your light
  • Singa Yesu
  • Silent Night / Stille Nacht
  • Sometimes I feel
  • Soon and very soon
  • Swing low
  • Take me to the water
  • The first noel
  • The star
  • The virgin Mary
  • This little light of mine
  • This train is bound for glory
  • Up above my head
  • Use me Lord
  • Wade in the water
  • We are marching
  • We shall overcome